Trade warning: Fraud alert from Nursery Online

Nursery Online has been asked to highlight the existence of a fraud currently being perpetuated in the nursery industry.

It appears that the fraudsters have access to a number of personal details such as employee/­owner details, including mobile phone numbers, and appear to have knowledge of the products/­range being ordered. Orders are then placed with a supplier by a plausible and ‘known’ member of staff of the retailer. Once goods have been shipped, the person calls the supplier for tracking details saying the goods are needed urgently or some other excuse. Armed with this information, they then contact the courier and arrange to collect goods before they can be delivered.

Several suppliers have been targeted by this and Nursery Online understands that the Police are inves­tiga­ting several cases.

PLEASE be vigilant. If you are contacted by a courier requesting confirmation that goods can be collected from their delivery hub. Do not agree unless you are sure that your company has arranged it.

In order to protect themselves, and retailers, several suppliers have stepped up their security when taking telephone orders, so don’t be offended by any reluctance to divulge shipping information on the phone.
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