Introducing ECOSHIELD Mattresses

Bed bugs are really becoming a cause for concern. 
They have reached epidemic proportions in the States (especially in New York) and there have already been cases in the major cities of Europe as well. 
They have even been spotted in the seats of airplanes.
Recently there has been a lot of media coverage over here, so it's very likely that soon people will only want mattresses with the bed bug treatment.

Once the bed bugs are in a bed, all of the textiles in the room must be removed, as well as in the adjacent rooms!

Our new EcoShield is the only product yet available in Europe that is 100% effective and based on a 100 % natural active ingredient.

The mattress cover is fully washable and we have applied it to our range of children's & baby mattresses.

Special intro­duc­ti­ona­ry offer - save over £10 per mattress.

Just place your order online here or give us call to place your order with Peter of any of the girls in the office.

Tel: 01254 760760 / 775865

E: info@­babywise.­co.­uk




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